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Congratulations on the full success of the 2011 FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup which was held in Wuxi, China
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 The opening ceremony of the 2011 FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup which was held at Wuxi Sport Center gymnasium on July 2nd, 2011. World Cup was one of most influential national events behind Olympic games and World Champions. This event was defined by FIG as category A, which also was the highest level of trampoline competition before 2012 Olympic games in London.
    Duan Shijie (Vice minister of General Administration of Sport and the Chinese Olympic Committee) attended the opening ceremony and announced  the opening match. In addition, Christophe Lambert (Vice President of the FIG Trampoline Technical Committee), Horst Kunze (FIG TRA TC President), Lou Chaoyi (Executive President of the Chinese Gymnastics Association), Zhao Yuxin (Vice President of Chinese Gymnastics Association), and Cao hong (Deputy Mayer of Wuxi Municipal Peoples Government) and so on, all of them took part in the opening ceremony.
   All the trampolines using for competition and training at this event are Gaofei brand which developed and manufactured by Zhejiang Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Gaofei trampoline has been used in many international events since having beeb got the FIG certification. Due to its superior characteristics of stability and good performance at this Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup, Gaofei trampoline was widely-admired. After game, many foreign delegations wanted to have a further cooperation with Gaofei and intended to be the distributor of Gaofei products in their own countries.