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Inflatable Track
Product description

Inflatable Track

(Inflatable Track customizable )

High-strength PVC, the thickness is 0.8 mm. Flat surface, produced by ultrasonic welding technology. Equipped with an pump, 680 W. Air pressure can be adjusted depending on the gymnastsweight and strength.

Model: 1217-1
Specifications: Dim.= 10×1.55×0.1 m, include the air pump, gray color.

Model: 1217-2
Specifications: Dim.= 20×1.55×0.1 m, include the air pump, gray color.

Model: 1217-3
Specifications: Dim.= 24×2.05×0.1 m, include the air pump, blue color. 

Model: 1217-4
Specifications: Dim.= 12×2.05×0.1 m, include the air pump, blue color.